HOT COFFEE RECIPE cappuccino coffee recipe at home tasty foods

- For one shot expresso; [ Expresso is the french word of Espresso. 
Espresso is the word of Italian origin ]
 ✔1 tbsp (big) - coffee powder.
 ✔2 tsp - water. 
✔2 tsp - sugar. In a mug; -take coffee powder. -add water. -mix with spoon evenly. -add sugar. -mix till the dark brown colour get changes into light brown colour with the creaminess consistency. -For the Hot coffee. 
✔1 cup (big) - milk.
 ✔1 - whisker. In a saucepan; -pour milk. -whisk the milk for 2 minutes to make the milk frothy. -bring to boil. Back to mug; -Pour the hot & frothy milk to the mug. -mix with a spoon and enjoy ;)

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